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A green and vibrant lawn is a sight to behold. While most of us will give everything to have that healthy and luscious green lawn all-year-round, there are few that knows the trick to better-looking lawns with less maintenance work. Your quest for a great lawn should start with choosing the right turf variety that matches your climate and surroundings.  

South East Queensland enjoys warm weather, rainfall and humidity. The easiest way to identify the best turf variety for your area is to look around the neighbourhood and try to find a great-looking lawn. You can ask the owners the variety of the lawn. Don’t forget to ask the maintenance work they put into it too. If you don’t have such neighbours, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right turf for our homes; 


  • Climate – The health of your turf will depend a lot on your climate. Do you experience a lot of rainfall? Is it humid? Sunshine? Pick a turf variety that can withstand and thrives in your climate. 
  • Shade Tolerance – You might need a different variety of turf for your back and front yard. Are you going to install the turf in a heavily shaded area? Shaded areas also enjoy moisture retention, while open spaces tend to dry out faster. 
  • Drought Tolerance – Some areas in South East Queensland don’t get as much rainfall as the others. Unless you are willing to hike up your water usage, choose a variety that can withstand low moisture. 
  • Weed Invasiveness – How often can you pluck weeds off your lawn? Some turf varieties are prone to weed invasion, while others suffer only minimal invasion. 
  • Pest and Disease Tolerance – Pests and diseases are different in specific areas. It is best to ask your turf nurseries and farmers about the common pests and diseases prevalent in your area. 
  • Salt Tolerance – Homes closer to the coast should choose varieties that are salt tolerant.  
  • Frequency of mowing – Some tufts grow faster than the others. While we want the turf to grow fast, thick and overgrown grass will look unkept and unsightly.
  • Lawn Activities – Are you installing turf in your garden or the play area? Consider the foot traffic of the area where you are going to install the turf.
  • Winter Colour – Some grass can hold up their colour over the cold season, while others will wither or turn brown.  


Best Varieties of Turf for South East Queensland 

  • Zoysia Turf Grass. The Zoysia grass thrives well in extreme humidity and heat. This is a low-maintenance variety; it fights weed invasion and needs less mowing and watering than the other turf varieties. Its fine leaves are softer keeps its green colour through most winter months. This hardy variety is wear-resistant, ideal for high traffic areas like playgrounds, swimming pool areas and for commercial use. 
  • Soft Leaf Buffalo. Best suited for the warm Queensland climate. It has a high salt and shade tolerance, good pests and diseases and drought tolerance and looks good even during the winter months. It requires average mowing and suffers minimal weed invasion.   
  • Oz Tuff Sports Grass. This is the tough and hard-wearing variety, ideal for sports spaces, picnic groves, playgrounds and other high traffic areas. A slow-grower variety, this needs minimal mowing and maintenance. Its strong root system makes it the hardiest variety – tolerant to heat, salt, humidity, pests and diseases and even flooding.  
  • Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass. This is Australia’s top lawn choice. It is highly recommended for the South East Queensland area for its suitability to the climate and long-lasting deep emerald colour. It thrives well in the coastal areas; its dense mat prevents weed invasion and enjoys high drought tolerance. Its soft leaf texture is ideal for kids play areas and swimming pools.  


We can help you choose the best turf variety for your home. Our complete turf supply and installation services will take care of all your lawn turf selection, installation and maintenance needs. Call us now for a professional consultation for lawn turf installation and other landscaping needs. 

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