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Oakmont Landscaping’s high-quality turf is the perfect way to complete any Brisbane garden. Loved Australia wide, Turf can take your garden to the next level, adding lush greenspace that is as functional as it is beautiful.  Transform your garden into the perfect picnic spot, cricket pitch for the kids, or centrepiece for your next party. 

No matter the occasion Oakmont Landscaping’s turf can handle it all. With our tough, drought resistant turf options, your new turf can be evergreen, shining through Brisbane’s great weather. Whether you have a yard that is big or small Oakmont landscaping has the turf that can transform it.  

We want to work with you in building your dream garden. At Oakmont Landscaping we understand how important the garden is to any Brisbane family so we will use our 50 years collective experience in building your project. Whether you want a full redesign, retaining walls, or turf we will help you achieve your vision.   

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Why choose Oakmont Landscaping to install your turf?

Other turf installers tend to specialise only in turf installation. This means that to complete the rest of your project you will have to deal with multiple different contractors for each element. Talk about stressful! To make matters worse, if one of those contractors make a mistake you will be charged extra to fix it, potentially pushing you out of budget. Oakmont Landscaping really care about your project and will go above and beyond to get it just right. This extends to our turf laying. We begin by using high quality turf to ensure that you will love your new lawn. Beyond that we take great care during installation, providing adequate draining and high quality fertilisers. Our 50 collective years in landscaping means that you can trust us to get your entire project done from start to finish. Check out our other services and see how Oakmont Landscaping can transform your garden.   

Why Turf?

Green and lush, a true classic, nothing completes a garden like turf. Providing open space for the kids to play in, or for a classic Aussie barbecue, turf gives you endless entertaining opportunities. Turf provides a low maintenance space that you will love to use. Soak in some sun while reading a book on the soft lawn or run around playing Rugby with the kids. Installing turf is the perfect addition to your Brisbane home.  

How is Turf Installed?

Turf is a quick and easy install into your garden. Oakmont Landscaping takes care of the entire turf installation process so that you do not need to hire multiple contractors. Before the turf is laid a soil base is prepared in order to ensure that your lawn is easy to live with. We then fertilise the soil, creating a perfect environment for your lawn to thrive. Once the Base is prepared, we will begin rolling your lawn, taking care to ensure that it looks perfect from the start.  

How do you maintain turf?

Turf is very hardy, and tends to be weed resistant, meaning that it requires very little maintenance. All that will be required is mowing the lawn once a week or less, depending on your desired length, and watering. It is important to keep a consistent mowing schedule so that your lawn remains healthy and retains its resistance to weeds. Watering is best done infrequently. During drier times it is important to save water even if the dams are full. Utilise grey water systems and rain tanks to periodically water your lawn if it is beginning to look dry. Just keep an eye on the weather as watering before a downpour could drown your lawn. 

What type of turf do we install?

We use multiple different turf types that are all perfect for the Brisbane environment. Our turf options are drought resistant meaning that they will stay green during a drought. They are also weed resistant, making maintenance far easier. Plus, our turf options are all hard wearing, so you don’t need to worry about the kids’ cricket game damaging the lawn.   

Oakmont Grass 5

Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch is considered a great all-round turf. It thrives in sunlight and is extremely drought resistant. The leaves are soft to the touch and are hard wearing making it the perfect backyard turf. This grass does require full sun, meaning that it may not thrive in shadier areas. Higher care is also required with this grass as it is best mowed weekly and has a tendency to invade garden beds.  

Oakmont Grass 3

Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto Buffalo grass is excellent at holding its colour year-round, leaving it bright even during winter. This grass’s secret weapon is its deep root system, meaning that it is more drought resistant than other grass, and requires far less maintenance. It will only need fertilising once or twice a year and will rarely need watering.   

Oakmont Grass 1

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter buffalo grass is the most popular turf type in Australia with over 70 million square meters sold. This grass type works perfectly in sun and shade remaining evergreen throughout the year. While not as drought resistant as Palmetto it still holds a strong drought tolerance and seems to always manage to bounce back. Its broad leaves also make it a very hardy turf in high traffic areas meaning the kids can play all day long. 

Oakmont Grass 4

Zoysia Turf

Zoysia turf offers the perfect midpoint in terms of leaf thickness between the Buffalo varieties and Coach. With its medium sized leaf it is soft to the touch while still remaining hardy. Like Palmetto it has a deep root system making it perfect in drought conditions and reducing the amount of watering it requires. Zoysia has a high shade tolerance, that while not as good as buffalo grass, will still allow the grass to grow in shaded areas.  

Our Turf Design & Installation Process



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We bring your dream garden to life with a high quality build using the best turf

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