Specialty Landscaping

The most notable gardens and lawns in Brisbane include at least one special accent. Special features and unique attributes make great-looking lawns and backyards standout. Adding one or two unforgettable elements to your outdoor space creates a huge impact on its overall appeal and look.


Specialty Landscaping Services We Can Provide

Besides our extensive list of landscaping services in Brisbane and Queensland, we also build water features, fire pits and other customized projects. These can add a 'WOW' factor as a focal point in your landscape design. Below are some of the specialty landscaping services we offer;

Water Features Installation – A water feature in the garden is a significant element in Feng Shui, Zen and accent to many European gardens. The soothing and cooling effects of running water amongst plants and stone are relaxing as it is invigorating. The most popular water features include;

  • Water fountains – Ideal for front lawns, this is usually added to serve the focal point of the landscaping design.
  • Ponds – Ponds add an exotic ambiance to your garden. Dress up with mini bridges, lily plants and Koi fishes!
  • Bird baths – Charming and rustic, bird baths attract birds to your area, filling your garden with their melodious chirps.
  • Zen water fountain – These modern contraptions are hypnotic with the water flow, alluring in design and always brings in the wow factor to your landscaping.


Fire Pits – Fire pits are common to many Brisbane backyards. Warming nippy nights during the cold months and serving as BBQ pits in the summer. There is a wide selection of fire pit style and installation – from the rustic stone table pits, to the sleek and movable modern, gel-burning fire pits.


Alfresco – Outdoor areas can be used as additional living spaces with the right installations. Creating alfresco spaces can turn your garden into a cosy haven. Patios, decks garden nooks and pergolas define outdoor living spaces. Outfitted with seating, shade, a fire pit or a swing, your alfresco space is complete. You can also add an outdoor kitchen for entertaining and for the family’s utmost enjoyment of the outdoors.


Steppers and Pavers – Steppers and pavers give definition to the landscaping. Garden edges, driveway, paths and pool paving make your backyard and lawn look neat, organised and well-planned. Steppers do not only enhance the overall look of the gardens and lawns, but it also provides convenience and safety for you and your family.


Outdoor Lighting – No landscaping is complete without proper lighting. Why hide your garden at night when you can present it in another dimension through outdoor lighting? Outdoor lighting provides the necessary lighting and complements the landscaping design highlighting key elements of the landscape, creating a special atmosphere and illuminating paths and steps.


The special facets of your landscaping are what makes it extraordinary. These elements are unique and custom-designed for you or to your landscaping needs. For your safety and for best results, always let the professionals do the work. Installing water features requires the expert skills of plumbers, electricians and landscape specialists. Unless, you yourself are an electrician, a carpenter, a plumber, a mason or a paver, let them do what they do best. Call us now for a professional consultation for your specialty landscaping, water feature installation and other landscaping needs in Brisbane.