Retaining Walls

Retaining walls in Queensland are designed to prevent soil erosion and support the soil stability of the area it is built in. They can also function as sturdy fences and solid boundary walls. With the right planning and vision, you can also integrate retaining walls with your landscaping and backyard gardening. 


Why do you need a retaining wall?

Retaining walls are the sturdier than ordinary fences. They are also costlier and longer to build. However, there are retaining wall functions that aren’t addressed by a regular fence. 

  • To control downhill erosion. Retaining walls in Brisbane are built into the land and are designed to avert soil erosion. The retaining wall will stop the water runoff and the soil that it brings with it. A good retaining wall design should include a good drainage plan that will manage the water runoff – keep outside water out, drain or retain rainwater as needed and eliminate excess water retention or flooding. 
  • To protect your home from sliding hill hazards. Your home could be in peril of soil erosion, especially if it’s on a slope. Downhill erosion will gradually expose and weaken the home’s foundation, while uphill erosion will dump mass and create pressure on the home’s structure. 
  • To stave off earthquake threats. A retaining wall can help save you and your home from tremors. This is especially helpful if your home is near fault lines where land disturbance is more intense. Increase your home’s safety by building a wall between you and the fault line. 
  • To improve landscaping. Retaining walls can add usable space for gardening or sitting area in your backyard. A sloping backyard can be transformed into attractive terraced gardens and outdoor hubs.   

You need a retaining wall if;

  • Your home is on a slope. Uphill and downhill erosion can equality endanger your safety and your home’s structural integrity. 
  • The soil in your area is loose. Loose and/or sandy soil are more prone to erosion. Retaining walls can effectively keep them in place and prevent erosion.  
  • You want to garden in your sloping backyard. Retaining walls can add visual aesthetics to your outdoor space. Turn a sloping backyard into a beautiful terraced garden and usable space. 
  • You want to fortify your home. Retaining walls will minimise damages from earthquakes and flooding. 


Queensland Retaining Walls Types and Styles 

There are a lot of retaining wall options and designs. Choose the retaining wall that will fit your need and style preferences. Here are four of the top retaining wall types; 

  • Timber Walls – Timber walls are the most affordable option. It is also easy to install. Natural wood timber provides an attractive rustic look to your outdoor area. However, timber walls do not last as long as other retaining wall types. 
  • Natural Stone – Natural stone retaining walls are sturdy and when installed correctly, can last forever. It is also one of the most expensive and difficult to install. Using natural stone allows choosing between different looks and styles.  
  • Poured Concrete – Poured concrete is cheaper and easier to install than the natural stone but could be just as strong and long-lasting. This type of walling complements modern homes and establishments. 
  • Brick – Brick retaining walls are ideal for terracing and other short walling needs. It is sturdy, long-lasting and attractive. Installation of brick retaining walls would need the expertise of professional masons. 


To achieve best results and effective retaining walls in Brisbane, consult with the professionals. DIY-ing retaining walls is not recommended. Inept construction of walls can be hazardous to you and your property. The walls can collapse, erode faster and prove to be a hazard instead of safety installation. Call us now for a professional consultation for your retaining walls and other landscaping needs. 

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