Landscaping Design For Brisbane Homes

We Design Your Dream Landscape

Oakmont Landscaping brings dream gardens to life. Our experienced team are experts at designing beautiful landscapes that you will love spending your time in. Whether you need an entire garden redesign or just a small corner, we take the best in design principals to provide you with a gorgeous landscape.

For any landscape that Oakmont Landscaping designs, we ensure that we are providing spaces that are both functional, innovative and beautiful. We want your garden to suit your use case, while remaining a statement piece to your home. This creates a space for you to love, cherish and enjoy, sharing it with your friends and family, loving every moment spent in it.

Landscape Design Brisbane
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Landscaping Design For Brisbane

The Oakmont Landscaping team knows Brisbane in and out. We understand Brisbane’s weather, the unique landscape layout, and our native flora and fauna. With Oakmont Landscaping you can expect your design to work with Brisbane’s natural environment, improving its longevity, quality and environmental impact.

We use a combination of native plants and design techniques to ensure that your garden lasts in Brisbane. You want a garden you can enjoy for years to come, so we design around Brisbane’s classic hilly terrain, sunny weather, and strong rainfall or lack of rainfall. You will have a gorgeous, innovative space, that you can use and love.

Over 50 Collective Years’ In Landscape Design

The Oakmont Landscaping team have been transforming homes for over 50 years’ collectively. We have seen gardens transformed, and with it, the lives of the families who can now enjoy the space. There is something powerful about an easy, stress-free garden transformation. It completes a home, enhancing its liveability, helping the family love where they live again.

We love what we do. It inspires us every day, growing our passion, and improving our landscaping talents. Each of our team members have worked hard to make Oakmont Landscaping the best in landscaping for Brisbane families.


Why Choose Oakmont Landscaping?

Local Brisbane Team

Brisbane boys, born and raised, the Oakmont Landscaping team have been working and playing in Brisbane backyards all their lives. They know the ins and outs of the Brisbane garden, understanding the land, the challenges, and how to best design a landscape to take advantage of our weather. With our unique Brisbane focused approach, you can use our local knowledge to fit your dream landscape design into our city.

We Can Transform Any Garden

Our expertise, combined with our 50 years’ experience, allows us to transform any garden of any shape and size. As the landscaping design experts, Oakmont Landscaping have turned hundreds of gardens into beautiful oasis’ that match the dreams of the family who enjoy the space. We are proud of our ability to create a design that fulfils your needs while perfectly matching your home and the environment it is built in.

We Offer Competitive Landscape Design Rates

Each of our landscape design services are designed to adapt to your budget. Our industry competitive rates have been designed to change depending on the design services you need. This allows you to stress less about money and focus more on what matters, having the ultimate garden for your family to enjoy for a lifetime. If you want the best in landscaping design, with industry competitive prices designed to match your budget, talk to Oakmont Landscaping.

We Can Design And Build Your Dream Landscape

The Oakmont Landscaping expertise extends beyond landscape design. We can take the stress out of your entire project by building your project from start to finish. With 50 years’ combined experience in providing complete garden transformations, our team is set to make the journey to your perfect garden a dream. Whether you need excavations, retaining walls, fencing, or turf, we can do it. We specialise in making dream landscapes a reality, stress free.

Our Design Process

Our team aims to work with you to design the perfect garden that matches your needs and lifestyle. A new garden is supposed to enhance the liveability and desirability of your home, so we want to get this right. By using our three-step design process, honed over our years of experience, we are able to provide you the best service possible to bring your dream to life.



We meet with you to learn and understand your needs and lifestyle requirements for your garden. During this time, we will also establish any themes or styles you prefer. Our aim is to discover exactly what your dream garden looks like so we can go and bring it to life for you. The team will also measure up your garden to create a concept that will fit into the space provided.


Concept Design

When you are ready to progress to the next stage we will create a concept landscape design in response to the design brief created in the consultation. In this design we will include all major features that were proposed for your garden. This could include water features, structures, swimming pools, walls and more.


Design Development

When you are happy with the concept, we will begin to refine the design to prepare it for construction. We will add further details like finishes, furniture, lighting and drainage. Throughout this stage we will work with you to ensure that you are happy with the design. We will provide imagery to show specific features, and work to create a final design. Once you are happy, we can begin construction.

How We Transform Your Entire Garden



Contact our friendly staff for a quote on your project and answer any questions


Project Design

We work with you to prepare your project, measuring your home


Garden Facelift

We bring your project to life with a high quality build using the best materials

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