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We put the hard work into your landscaping ideas.

Landscape design is the art of creating a harmonious balance of visual and practical layouts. The warm and vibrant Queensland weather and topography are the best backdrops we need to create the best and vibrant-looking lawns and backyards. However, the most beautiful and sustainable ones are created with careful planning, conscious consideration of the surroundings and keeping your style. The right landscape design professionals in Brisbane can help you with the planning and the dirty work to turn your Pinterest dreams into a reality.


Create Beautiful Gardens with the Professionals

Gardening and yard work are fun hobbies for many. However, to achieve beautiful and sustainable lawns and gardens, one should engage the services of landscape design professionals. Their knowledge and experience can turn a humdrum garden into a picturesque haven.

  • Site Analysis. Not all backyards are the same. Everything about your outdoor space – the size, location, grade, soil quality and special attributes like a century-old tree, a rocky corner or a stream flowing through are to be considered in a successful landscaping. It’s no use trying to copy everything from another lawn as your soil quality or terrain could be different. A Brisbane professional landscape designer will understand and accommodate all the elements present to come up with the best design – sustainable as it is beautiful.
  • Hatching Ideas. Brainstorming design ideas is best done with a professional landscape designer. You can lay down all your ideas and the look that you want to achieve. The designer will offer improvements to your ideas, different design concepts that would fit your surroundings and might tone down some of your more outlandish and ludicrous ideas.
  • Design Conceptualisation. Once you’ve reached a common ground about the look and design, the designer will put together the ideas to include all the elements – plants, waterscape, pergola and other structures. The more practical elements will also be decided at this stage- the lighting, drainage, fencing, elevations and grading plans.
  • Budgeting. Once the plan is complete, the next thing to discuss with the landscape designer is the budget. Brisbane landscape designers offer complete landscaping services or have a network of landscaping contractors who can do the job. Work with a professional who can help you plan the budget, manage your expenses and even help you save on costs by providing more affordable options.
  • Project Management. Landscaping involves different contractors to work on the different aspects of the design. You could be dealing with the gardeners, pavers, carpenters and electricians at the same time, all working on your backyard. Engaging a professional landscape designer in Brisbane will take out all the headache and time spent on managing the landscape project.


Landscaping Design services we offer in Brisbane include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Detailed planting plan and comprehensive plant list
  • Materials specification and drawn to scale landscape plan
  • Outdoor lighting planning, wiring and light placements
  • Drainage Planning
  • Pest control and prevention
  • Grading and Elevations
  • Pool Layout and landscaping
  • Deck design and permit assistance
  • Architectural structures planning and design such us: cabana, gazebo, pergola, pool house and decorative privacy screen
  • Water features design – waterfall, garden pond and fountains
  • Construction details drawings
  • Colour rendering


Learning about your surroundings and the ecosystem you have is the start of successful gardening. It is also the foundation of a good landscaping design. Call us now for a professional consultation and assessment of your site and other landscaping needs.

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