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Oakmont Landscaping’s fences are perfect for giving your home the classic Brisbane backyard. We use high quality materials to create beautiful, private entertainment areasor gorgeous gates creating a space for your familyWe have a large range of fences styles that are custom made for your project.  

You will love our gate and fences ability to transform your gardenStep into your own private outdoor world, perfect for a barbecue with the family, or a football game with the kids. Feel the freedom that only an Oakmont Landscaping fence can provide.  

We want to partner with you to build and design the perfect fence for your home. At Oakmont Landscaping we are passionate about building the best garden for your family. Whether you want a fence, a gate, a whole garden redesign, or a retaining wall we can do it.  

Brisbane Gate and Fence Types  

We supply and install many different gate and fence types allowing us to suit any project. From classic timber to metal, glass, or brick, we can do it. Love your yard again with an Oakmont Landscaping gate and fence supply and installation.  

Timber Gate and Fence Brisbane   

Timber is the classic easy to supply and install option that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From standard wood boundary fences to classic picket fencing, there is a lot to choose from. Timber is one of the more affordable options, making it the perfect option for larger fences, it is also quick and easy to install making it a favourite for boundary fences. Timber does require maintenance, and occasionally suffers from rot or termites. However, if you maintain it well this fence will serve you for a long time. 

Metal Gate and Fence Brisbane 

Metal fences are very popular across Brisbane. Used regularly for pools and front yards, these gates and fences offer as much flexibility as their timber counterparts. A positive about metal fences is their price and ability to blend into the background. They make fantastic large scale fences as they are affordable and easy to build. Metal gates and fences do offer less noise reduction and privacy, however if this isn’t important you will love this gate and fence type.  

Other Gating and Fencing Brisbane 

There are many more fence types that we can supply and build for you. Whether it be Brick, offering its classic premium appearance and the heightened privacy that comes with that. Or glass fencing, a modern premium gate and fence perfect for the pool or balcony. If you are after a classical look you can even look at wrought iron gates and fences, offering a gorgeous ornate design that adds class to your home. Each option will add value to your home and improve its aesthetics. If there is a type of fence that you are after that we haven’t mentioned contact us and we will see what we can do.  

Why Install a Fence in Brisbane 

Fences are extremely common in Brisbane, offering privacy and safety for the backyard. They are easy to supply and install but have a transformative effect to your Brisbane home. Feel safe in your yard, let your kids run free, hold parties, worry free, a fence brings almost limitless entertainment possibilities. A fence will also dramatically change the aesthetics of your garden. Wooden fences can provide a beautiful, natural appearance to the home, or offer a creative outlet when painted. Metal fences bring the safety of a wooden fence while providing an open feel, plus they disappear into the background.  

Why choose Oakmont Landscaping? 

Other gate and fence suppliers specialise solely in gate and fence supply and installation. This means that you will have to hire individual contractors for every aspect of your project. On top of this you could be charged extra if one of your contractors did not do their job properly. At Oakmont Landscaping we do your entire project ourselves. You don’t have to worry about anything, just trust that our combined 50 years experience means that we can deliver on your vision.  

We are passionate about landscaping. We want to ensure that you will love your garden, so we take extra care to ensure that it is right. Enjoy your new garden. Contact us today.  

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