High Quality Brisbane Excavations

Kick Your Project Into Gear With Excavations

Oakmont Landscaping delivers the highest quality excavations possible while maintaining deadlines and competitive prices. To every job, we bring our high standards in professionalism, quality and timeliness. That means that we will show up at the agreed time, complete the job in time, and leave you impressed with the quality of our work. These standards have been kept across our 50 collective years’ experience in excavations, making Oakmont Landscaping the go to brand for all your excavation works. If you have an excavation job anywhere across Brisbane that you need done right, to a high quality, on time and on budget, you need to have a chat with Oakmont Landscaping today.


Excavation Plus So Much More Across Brisbane

Too often we see clients come to us after their entire dream landscaping project was destroyed by shoddy workmanship. They had to pay thousands in extra fees because it seemed that no one across the project could do their job right, starting with the excavators.


This is why we don’t just do excavations we can complete your entire project. From excavation to design, right down to planting, we do it all. This means that you don’t have to pay any extra fees if one contractor does a shoddy job. No longer do you have to arrange the timing, quotes or extra fees associated with hiring multiple contractors for each stage of the project, then only to have all the planning ruined when one goes overtime. We complete every stage to our high-quality standards; all you have to do is enjoy your new garden.

We Have Over 50 Collective Years’ Experience in Excavating across Brisbane

Across our 50 collective years in landscaping we have been involved in many garden transformations. We have gained experience across a wide range of different landscapes, different soils and the unique challenges that each garden presents. Across each of those experiences we have gained advanced knowledge that has transformed Oakmont Landscaping into the well-oiled landscaping machine it is today. If you need a stress-free excavation at your property across Brisbane, Oakmont Landscaping are the most experienced and well-equipped contractors you can call. With no extra fees, 50 years collective experience, and a stress-free project guaranteed, Oakmont Landscaping are the best choice in the entire industry.


Why Choose Oakmont Landscaping?

Your Local Brisbane Team

Oakmont Landscaping’s team are Brisbane locals. Having grown up with and worked with the unique Brisbane landscape their whole life, they know how to tackle problems unique to Brisbane. To each project, the team brings their unique experience and knowledge to tackle any unique set of challenges, completing your project on time and to a higher quality standard. So, whether you have a sprawling forest, steep hills, or a tight inner-city backyard, Oakmont Landscaping can complete your excavation.

We Take Safety Seriously

Every single one of our team members are trained through a comprehensive safety program that ensures they follow the highest, up to date, safety standards possible. We keep up to date on the latest safety laws, regulations and innovative techniques to keep our team as safe as possible. By ensuring our team is highly trained, you can be confident in the safety and quality of work completed by our team members.

We Know How to Complete Any Excavation

With our combined 50 years’ experience, our local knowledge and extensive training, you can be sure that we know how to complete your project. We are able to complete any difficult excavation seemingly with ease, allowing you to maintain confidence in our work. If you have any questions throughout the project, feel free to ask. Our team members will have all the answers you need about the excavation, helping you stay in the know.

We Offer Competitive Excavation Rates

Not only do we aim to be the best in the industry we also aim to offer some of the most competitive rates. No matter your excavation requirements, we aim to provide competitive rates, making Oakmont Landscaping the go to for all your excavating and landscaping needs. We also aim to cut extra fees that have halted many Brisbane family’s dream gardens in its tracks, halfway through completion. By ensuring that we are upfront, transparent, and complete all work to the highest quality, we are able to eliminate hidden fees normally associated with hiring individual contractors.

We Manage Your Excavation Project and Supply All the Equipment

Whether you need Oakmont Landscaping for your entire landscaping transformation, or just for excavations, we come prepared to impress. We completely manage the excavation, ensuring that every element is completed on time and to the highest quality possible. If there are any sudden problems, we ensure that these are dealt with and managed quickly to prevent you from having to pay any extra fees. We also source all equipment for you from our fleet of excavators and trucks. This means that you have less to worry about and we can maintain our high-quality standards.

We Provide a Wide Range of Excavating Services

There is more to excavating than digging a hole. We know that there are many different types of excavations that you may need depending on your garden’s requirements. To help our clients across Brisbane we ensure that we have all the necessary tools, materials and experience to complete any excavating job required of us. We provide excavations for a range of uses including:



If you need a cost-effective stormwater system excavation Oakmont are perfect for you. We have a range of equipment and the experience, making stormwater drain construction a breeze.


Landscape Preparation

Prepare your garden for the ultimate transformation with our site clearing, landscape preparation and levelling excavation services. We bring our excavating equipment, and 50 years collective experience, to get your site ready on time and on budget.


Turf Preparation

Everyone loves a lush, green garden transformation complete with a healthy lawn. Prepare your garden for turf with Oakmont Landscaping’s turf preparation excavation service. We can even lay the turf for you!


Much more

We offer even more excavating services to tackle your project. No matter the service required you are guaranteed to receive the highest-quality work from Oakmont Landscaping. Inquire today and see we can do for your project!

Our Excavation Process



Contact our friendly staff for a quote on your project and answer any questions


Project Design

We work with you to prepare your excavation project, measuring your site


Garden Facelift

We bring your project to life with a high quality build using the best equipment

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