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Equipment hires or renting of heavy construction equipment is an economical solution to an expensive construction matter. Most construction works require the use of specific equipment to complete the job properly and efficiently. However, the cost of acquiring all the equipment necessary can multiply the costs of the construction. Dump trucks, excavators, loaders, motor graders, trailers, water equipment, dozers, power tools and cement buggies are expensive. They are also designed for specific use, thus, are rendered useless for other functions or when the project is done. Renting or equipment hiring resolves the problem.


Why equipment hire in Queensland is sensible?

While you can always buy your own landscaping, excavation and construction equipment necessary for your projects, it might not be the most sensible option. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring instead of buying heavy-duty construction equipment and machines;

  • Cost effective. Renting equipment that will be only be used for a short period of time is cost-efficient and practical. You can save on upfront costs which can go to other necessary expenditures. Renting equipment will also save you of its necessary maintenance work and expensive maintenance costs. This is especially applicable when your construction work needs several heavy-duty equipment and machines.
  • Best product quality. Because of the lowered costs, you will have a choice of the best quality equipment available in the market. Whereas buying one where price tags can be too steep. Renting will get you the best equipment without the steep price. Top-of-the-line products get the work done faster and more efficiently, something that is not always possible when using cheaper alternatives.
  • No storage required. Buying these bulky equipment and machinery will also require you to allocate space for its storage and safety. This could mean building a garage, a car stall or renting out a warehouse. So, you will be spending for the upkeep and security of something that will be idle for a long time. Compared to renting equipment in Brisbane, the owner will be responsible for its care. You will only have the equipment for a short period of time, which you will be using it productively.
  • Environment-friendly. Fewer heavy-duty equipment and machines built and out somewhere is better for the environment. This means fewer resources used, fewer emissions, less energy consumption and greenhouse gasses. Most heavy machines and tools take so much to build and create, renting one can do a favour to the environment.
  • Complete attachments and operators. To use an equipment, it must have its fittings and attachments necessary for the task. One should also be ably operated by a skilled driver or operator. Unless you have the intention of learning to operate the machine, it is best to hire equipment that would come with all necessary attachments, an operator and ready to go.


While we can provide a full range of landscaping services, some specific type of work may still require specialised equipment. We can provide a fleet of equipment hire for any sized projects. Call us now for a professional consultation and quotation for Queensland equipment hire and other landscaping needs.

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