High Quality Earthmoving for Your Brisbane Project

Kick Your Project Into Gear With Earthmoving

Save time, money and reduce stress with your earthmoving job completed right the first time. Many contractors turn your project from dream to nightmare quickly. They arrive late or cancel last minute, act unprofessionally, and then only after they leave do you find that they have done a poor job, forcing you to a pay a mountain of extra fees to undo the damage. Oakmont aims to end this practice. Our team are timely, professional and complete your earthmoving project to the highest quality. So, you don’t have to stress about extra fees anymore, Oakmont Landscaping gets it right the first time. Don’t let your dream landscaping project become a nightmare, bring Oakmont Landscaping on board.


Environmentally friendly, Timely, and cost effective

Taking care of the environment is a vital component on any earthmoving project. In Brisbane our natural environment, beaches, oceans, rivers, forests, are incredibly important to every family. This extends to your garden. Oakmont Landscaping takes extra care to ensure that your project is as environmentally friendly as possible, making your garden clean and green, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. By taking care to responsibly dispose of all recyclable materials we minimise the impact of our work on the environment.


We can also help you clear out your worksite! With our competitively priced, environmentally friendly earthmoving services, we can clear out any site so you can enjoy your new garden.

Combined 50 Years’ Experience in Earthmoving Across Brisbane

The team at Oakmont Landscaping have worked hard across our 50 collective years’ in landscaping. We have seen gardens transformed, fixed projects ruined by shoddy contractors, and we have seen the joy on many families’ faces as they see their dream come to life. Our team loves what they do, so we work hard to be the best at it. If you want to see your dream garden come to life at the hands of a passionate, dedicated and experienced team, you should have a chat with us.

Brisbane Landscaping

Why Choose Oakmont Landscaping?

Local Brisbane Team

Brisbane boys born and raised, our team have worked and played in Brisbane backyards all their lives, and they love it. They know firsthand the unique needs and challenges that all landscaping projects in Brisbane need to fulfil or face. So, Oakmont Landscaping provide a unique Brisbane focused landscaping service complete with local experience, to create your dream garden.

We Take Safety Seriously

Every single one of our team members are trained through a comprehensive safety program that ensures they follow the highest, up to date, safety standards possible. We keep up to date on the latest safety laws, regulations and innovative techniques to keep our team as safe as possible. By ensuring our team is highly trained, you can be confident in the safety and quality of work completed by our team members.

Experts in Earthmoving

With our high level of training, high quality tools and collective 50 years’ experience you can feel sure knowing that Oakmont Landscaping are earthmoving experts. We have transformed hundreds of families’ homes with their dream garden, overcoming each unique challenge in the process. Oakmont Landscaping’s team are the perfect choice for any family looking for a range of earthmoving solutions for their project. Our team will get your job done to the highest quality, on time, without extra fees.

Industry Competitive Earthmoving Rates

Not only do we aim to be the best in the industry we also aim to offer some of the most competitive rates. No matter your earthmoving requirements, we aim to provide competitive rates, making Oakmont Landscaping the go to for all your earthmoving and landscaping needs. We also aim to cut extra fees that have halted many Brisbane family’s dream gardens in its tracks, halfway through completion. By ensuring that we are upfront, transparent, and complete all work to the highest quality, we are able to eliminate hidden fees normally associated with hiring individual contractors.

Have your entire Project Completed, Earthmoving, Excavation and more

We do more than Earthmoving. Our team are able complete any project from start to finish. From design to completion, we can prepare the site, build your new fence, lay your turf and do all your planting. Normally you would have to deal with individual contractors for each stage of your project. This can cost you time, money and cause a lot of stress. If one contractor did not do their job properly, or one element of the project goes over time, then your dream landscaping project will turn into a nightmare pretty fast. With Oakmont Landscaping we handle every stage, ensuring that each job is done right, on time and on budget, keeping your project stress free.

Earthmoving For Any Brisbane Project

We offer a wide range of earthmoving services for any project across Brisbane. Each is completed to the highest standards and at a competitive price. By ensuring that our team is equipped with the highest quality tools and training Oakmont Landscaping can tackle all of your earthwork needs.


Material Supply

We supply a range of soils, rocks, concrete and more for your job. We are then able to use our machinery to move it into place for you. We source all our materials from local suppliers, keeping your garden distinctively local.

Oakmont Grass 3

Sports Fields

Our team are able to supply soil, turf and equipment to construct a sports field. Whether it be for a school, sports club, or park, we construct high quality sports fields with the best grasses and soils available. All while using local materials.


Site Clean-up

We are able to clean up your site, removing excess debris, earth, concrete and rocks so that you can continue constructing your dream landscape. We take extra care to ensure that all recyclable materials are responsibly disposed of to minimise their environmental impact.


Much more

The Oakmont Landscaping team are highly trained, experienced and are equipped with the best tools to complete all of your earthmoving needs. If you have another earthmoving job that was not listed here, feel free to have a chat with us. We are certain that we will be able to do it.

Our Earthmoving Process



Contact our friendly staff for a quote on your project and answer any questions


Project Design

We work with you to prepare your earthmoving project, measuring your home


Garden Facelift

We bring your project to life with a high quality build using the best equipment

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