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Rock & Boulder Walls Brisbane

Rock and Boulder Retaining walls

Oakmont Landscaping has transformed Brisbane homes with beautiful and natural rock walls. We have tamed steep slopes converting them into usable entertainment areas, family space, or natural gardens. Our rock walls are the perfect partner to the Brisbane garden, creating a naturally beautiful backdrop that simply belongs.     

Strength and natural beauty are our Rock walls defining feature. Their natural beauty allows them to suit any Brisbane home regardless of style. While their strength makes them perfect for any project, no matter the scale. You can’t go wrong with a rock wall, especially if it is installed by Oakmont Landscaping.    

From the get-go we partner ourselves with you, spending time to build your vision. We utilise our 50 years collective experience to dramatically transform your landscape whether it be with rock walls, a full redesign, or turf installation.  

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Why choose Oakmont Landscaping?

Other suppliers of rock and boulder retaining walls tend to specialise in constructing commercial retaining walls. This means that for a residential build you may find it challenging to build your boulder wall. You may have to sacrifice quality or overpay for the build. As Oakmont Landscaping do not specialise solely in commercial boulder retaining walls, we are able to deliver a high-quality build at a competitive price for your project. 

Oakmont Landscaping has 50 collective years of experience in landscaping, meaning that you can trust us to build your entire project. We source all of our materials from quality sources to ensure that our work will last a lifetime. Our high level of experience allows us to complete your entire project from start to finish, meaning that you don’t have to hire and manage multiple contractors. Contact us today and let’s bring your dream project to life.  

Why Choose a Rock and Boulder Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls made from rocks and boulders are perfect for the Brisbane climate. They have strong weather resistance while also offering a high level of strength and durability. These retaining walls are constructed in a way that makes them perfect for Brisbane’s stormy weather. There are natural holes in the walls allowing water to run through and drain out. This helps prevent flooding and some potential damage to your home.  

When compared with standard timber, concrete, or block retaining walls the rock and boulder retaining walls are of a higher class. The strength of these walls allows them to hold back an increased amount of weight while still retaining a natural appearance. This makes them perfect for projects large or small.  

How are boulder retaining walls created?


The Process

A rock or boulder retaining wall involves stacking different shaped rocks and boulders on top of each other creating a seemingly natural wall in your garden. These walls are extremely strong due to their size and weight giving them the potential to last forever.  

We begin by excavating the land in front of the walls proposed position, creating a bank for the wall to hold up. A footing is then dug and then levelled to provide a base for the retaining wall. After the soil is compacted in the footing it is filled with coarse gravel that is then also compacted. The footing is levelled in preparation for the boulders. Next, we lay the boulders, ensuring that at each level the wall is angling slightly back towards the bank. Soil- blocking fabric is then placed behind the rocks before we fill the area behind the wall with backfill. The result is a long lasting, natural looking rock face holding up the bank. 

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Where do we source our boulders from?

We source our boulders from Helidon Sandstone. They are a high quality mine in the Lockyer Valley which offer beautiful sandstone boulders, moulded by the Australian climate. These timeless rocks work perfectly with any landscape, enhancing it with sandstone’s soft textured lines. They are very easy to keep clean and maintain, making them the perfect companion to any Brisbane home.   

Our Rock And Boulder Wall Design & Installation Process



Contact our friendly staff for a quote on your Rock Wall and answer any questions


Project Design

We work with you to design your perfect rock wall, measuring your home


Fence Facelift

We bring your dream rock wall to life with a high quality build using the best materials

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