About Oakmont Landscaping

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Our Story

Bonding over their love of landscaping and beer, Brisbane mates Troy and Tony decided to take their talents in landscaping and make something new with it. Having worked in construction and landscaping for many years they knew that the industry was ready for a shakeup. Oakmont Landscaping was founded on a bunch of qualified, close mates getting together, working hard and making Brisbane families’ dream yards come to life, stress free. Troy and Tony know that Brisbane families don’t want a difficult or stressful garden transformation, so, with Oakmont Landscaping it simply isn’t. Nothing makes the Oakmont team happier than when, after a hard day’s work, Tory, Tony and their mates can sit down and crack open a cold beer, toasting another happy family and another successful job.

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Our Team

Handpicked by Troy and Tony, Oakmont Landscaping's team are made up of experienced landscapers that are fully licensed under the QBCC (License No: 15077910). This means that these Brissy locals will provide the highest quality workmanship over planning, construction, and maintenance. With over 50 years of combined experience, the Oakmont Landscaping team are ready to build your dream project.

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Troy Roberts

Native to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane boy Troy spent a good 10 years ping pong-ing through the trades of concreting, house raising & removing, rigging and fencing before finally deciding on combining all of his expert skills to start an all rounder earthmoving & landscaping company with one of his best mates, Tony Silva. Oakmont Landscaping believes in keeping a tight unit so most of our employees are friends or family. Troy has a special talent on being able to get along with absolutely everyone and anyone.

Tony Silva

Tony and Troy first crossed paths 10 years ago had an instant connection. Born and raised in Brisbane, Tony started pursuing an early career in the mining sector which saw the boys go their separate ways but fate would reunite them again some years later. They first began working together in a construction company where Troy was supervisor and Tony was his leading hand and they have been a powerhouse team ever since. Fast forward to June 2017, Troy executed his vision of Oakmont Landscaping and pitches the idea to Tony and the rest is history. 


We've Done Some Beautiful Things.